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What's the dress code?

We make an effort, we therefore require you to make an effort. Generally fetish wear or other alternative wear will get your into our events. Did we mention...we also love red! Dress code suggestions will be published with each event. If at all in doubt, please send a message to us at:

Not sure on where to buy or what to wear? Click here for some suppliers and ideas.

What are the rules?

Any consensual play is allowed. Occasionally we may have to limit certain types of play according to the rules of the venue hired. This will generally only apply to needle play and fire play. Please note that wanking whilst watching others play is not consensual if done outside of an area marked as an exhibitionist area.

Do not touch others without their consent - this also applies to playful taps with a whip or other such implement.

No illegal drugs.

Do not interrupt others who are playing.

Do not sit on dungeon furniture or otherwise prevent players from using it.

No means no. Do not pester if you have been refused.

Photography only allowed with the consent of all in the photograph..

The management's word is final.

What if I can't find the venue?

A phone number will be issued with every event advertised. Just call the number and we'll do our best to direct you. Please don't message or e.mail once the event has started as it's unlikely that we will see it.

Following a brilliant idea from one of our lovely guests, we've found the 'What 3 Words' locations to allow you to find the club easily. We know its very hard to find the club in the dark, so hopefully this will help. If you don't have 'What 3 Words' you can download it from your phone's app store very easily.

Front Gates:

Car Park:

Entry Path:

If you prefer to use Google Maps, the co-ordinates of the front gates are: 51.33761938486586, 0.6131187269699598

You can of course still use the map we created, but this is a little harder in the dark: 

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